Contacting iWV Support Team

We’re here to help, you can contact iWV Support Team via the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +65 6868 1199 Option 2

Additionally, there is a web form where you can reach our sales & marketing team at


Support request can be submitted directly by email to You will receive an automated email response confirming the receipt of your Support Ticket with a Ticket ID in the subject. Please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject so that we can track your replies.

Raising a support request via email is preferred as a support ticket will be created automatically and you can provide detailed information on issue together with the email.

You can follow up with a phone call to support hotline for attention of on duty support engineer. Please provide the support ticket ID if you have received the automatic reply.

The followings are standard information that you would want to provide in the email to iWV technical support:

Email Subject                      

Company Name – Type – Statement

Type: Issue or Query or Request

Statement: Short statement. This can contain brief statement of Issue or Query or Request and if possible, server name/ID, IP address, URL or domain name.


ABC Pte Ltd – Issue – Website down

XYZ Pte Ltd – Issue – Unable to send email

123 Pte Ltd - Request - Password Reset

Email Content                      

For request on issue, email content should provide further relevant details such as the following:

  • Detailed description of issue
  • Server hostname or identification (ID)
  • Public IP address, private IP address
  • Domain name and/or URL
  • Error encountered, error message or screen capture
  • Impact, urgency and criticality of issue
  • Contact number if iWV support need to call back by phone


Phone support is available for customers experiencing high impact issues where quick resolution is a top priority. When contacting IWV Support Team via phone, please have your Company Name, Server ID, IP address, URL or Domain Name information ready. If you are calling to follow up on your email, kindly provide us with your Ticket ID. Please retrieve your Ticket ID from the automatic response that you have receive.

Contact your Account Manager

If you need assistance regarding product recommendations, solutions, product specifications, equipment and licensing, please contact your account manager. Your account manager works closely with IWV Support Engineers to ensure that you can achieve the goal that you have in mind.