How to reboot my server?

For Linux operating system:

Inside your SSH terminal session or KVM console screen, you can issue one of the commands below:

  • /sbin/reboot
  • /sbin/shutdown -r now
  • init 6

For Windows operating system:

Inside your remote desktop session or KVM console screen, you can the the steps below:

  • Click Windows Start button.
  • Click Power and select Restart option.

Via BizCloud portal:

You can perform other actions besides reboot through the server action button inside BizCloud portal. 
If you found your cloud server operating system is not responsive, you may then need try the power off or reboot action inside BizCloud portal to restart your server.

1. Login to your BizCloud account (
2. On the main dashboard, click Services tab.

3. Locate the desired server that you want to access or manage and click on Manage.

4. Switch to Manage tab.


5. Under Server Actions section, you will see the actions available for you to take.
Some action buttons is not clickable if your server is not in the state that allows for the actions.
Click on the Reboot button to reboot your server as needed.